The Pop-Up Toothpick Holder Dispenser is a compact and convenient product that holds about 100 toothpicks. The dispenser has a transparent closed lid that prevents dust from entering and ensures the remaining amount is visible. Its humanized design features rounded corners for safety and a press-top mechanism that pops out one toothpick at a time, avoiding cross-contamination. This toothpick holder is perfect for use at home, in the office, or in restaurants,

The Hands-Free Automatic Jar Opener provides a solution for those with hand problems like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. With just one button press, it effortlessly opens jar lids of all sizes, including new sealed jars, thanks to its powerful electric motor. It’s perfect for seniors who need assistance with everyday tasks, giving them independence and confidence. Its adjustable jaws are compatible with most jar sizes, and its compact design makes for easy storage.

The Remote Control Dancing and Swinging Tractor is a fun and interactive toy that is designed for children who love to play with remote control vehicles. This toy tractor is equipped with a remote control that allows children to control its movements, making it move forward and backward. The RC Tractor is a great toy for children who love remote control vehicles and want a toy that offers a unique and entertaining experience.

The GoolRC Remote Control Plane is a high-performance glider that features a pneumatic contour design for excellent stability and gliding performance. Made from lightweight and flexible EPP material, this plane is durable and won’t break easily. The plane can fly forward, backward, turn left/right, up and down, left and right side fly, and roll left and right. Other features include a stunt roll, cool lights for night flying, and gravity sensing for an even more immersive flying experience.

The Portable Self-Squeeze Mini Mop is a compact and lightweight cleaning tool that is perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, and RVs. With a small mop head storage size, it can fit easily into tight spaces and is easy to store. The biodegradable cotton head is soft and delicate, making cleaning easy and convenient. It can be used for wet and dry cleaning and features a hand-free washing design, allowing you to squeeze water easily with one hand.

The D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Maker is an excellent tool for those who need to create labels on the go. Unlike traditional label makers, this inkless device uses BPA-free direct thermal technology, saving you money on ink, toner, or ribbons. The label maker also provides high-quality printing with superior print clarity and crisp, dark imaging. This mini, handheld device is wireless and compact, making it easy to slip into your pocket and print labels anytime, anywhere.

Soft Home’s Upgraded Plastic Apple Peeler is an excellent kitchen tool that can peel apples in seconds, making it a great addition to any household. It is made of high-quality materials, making it both elegant and durable. The peeler is easy to use, easy to clean, and comes with a protective cover to ensure safety. It can peel apples with very thin skin, which helps save apple flesh. Additionally, it comes with one blade and slicer corer, making it easy to slice and core apples after peeling.

Musical Tesla Coil (also known as “Singing Tesla Coil”), sometimes called a zeusaphone, thoramin or musical lightning, is a form of plasma speaker. The music Tesla coil, It is a variety of a solid state Tesla coil that has been modified to produce musical tones by modulating its spark output. The resulting pitch is a low fidelity square wave like sound reminiscent of an analog synthesizer. *Do not use the coil in a flammable environment.*

This Remote Control Drone is one of the smallest foldable mini drones on the market. It contains all of the fun features typically found on larger drones, such as WIFI real-time transmission, gesture photography, and video recording. Additionally, the drone’s first person video real-time camera allows you to capture aerial video and photos in the horizontal direction of the camera through your smartphone device.

Get ready to dig up some fun with the Remote Control Excavator! This powerful excavator is equipped with a high-capacity 7.4V 1200mAh battery that provides up to 20 minutes of playtime. With its replaceable alloy buckets, including an alloy drill bit, alloy grab ball head, and alloy grab wood, you can easily excavate and transport materials. The robot arm can simulate shoveling soil and the strong grip rubber track can handle all terrains.

The electronic cleaning kit is a 7-in-1 multifunctional cleaner that includes a cleaning pen for Airpods, mini and soft brushes, cleaning spray bottle, fiber fleece swipe and keycap buckle. With this kit, you can clean headphones, keyboards, PC monitors, phones, cameras and more. The 3-in-1 foldable cleaning pen has a silicone tip, mini brush and flocking sponge brush for efficient cleaning. The kit also includes a high-density soft brush and keycap buckle for deeper cleaning.

The COB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight is a versatile and portable flashlight suitable for various occasions. This flashlight can light up a large area with its COB flood beam. It also has 4 different lighting modes. This flashlight is rechargeable with a Type-C charging interface and has a battery life of up to 4 hours. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, night fishing, and night work lighting.

This Sponge Mop is an excellent tool to help you clean your home with ease. The sponge mop’s pad absorbs water strongly, but never hardens, even in damp conditions. The mop head’s side swivel can clean narrow areas and corners, and the standing design allows for better storage. The self-squeeze quick-dry feature with four wringing rollers makes cleaning a breeze. The mop works great in homes, kitchens, bathrooms, and even on walls, making it a versatile cleaning tool.

The Water Bottle Pump 5 Gallon is a hassle-free solution for quick access to clean drinking water. It is suitable for gallon 1.2, 3, 4, and 5 water bottles and can be used for families, offices, picnics, and beach days. The electric pumping device is made from high-quality materials such as food-grade silicone hose, BPA-free drinking water dispenser, 304 stainless steel, and high-density PP plastic.

This is a slicer for cutting food. It has a spring-loaded handle, so you just push it down to cut the food. It is safer than a knife because it has a guard that keeps your fingers away from the blades. You can use it to slice bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables. This slicer is especially good for cutting tomatoes because it doesn’t squish them like a knife does. You can pull it out of a drawer, and expand it in a matter of seconds.

The Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker Machine is a simple and convenient way to make hot and fresh popcorn in just minutes. You just need to add the popcorn kernels to the heating chamber, press the one-touch start button, and your delicious popcorn will be ready. It uses hot air instead of oil or microwave bags, making it a healthy choice. With a capacity of 16 cups, it’s perfect for any occasion, from movie nights to large group gatherings.

The HUINA remote control fire truck is a top-of-the-line model that features real water spraying action from a distance of up to 5 meters. It also has an exciting lighting system installed both above and in front of the fire truck’s cab. When turned on, the lights flash and emit a cool light show. The ladder on the fire truck is also fully functional. It can be raised and lowered as well as rotated on its platform by 270 degrees.

Looking for a fun and entertaining toy for your little one? Check out the Elephant Blowing Floating Ball for Kids! With its cute elephant shape design, dynamic music, colorful lighting, and levitating function, this toy is sure to grab your baby’s attention. The universal wheels and soft light make it easy for your child to play and enjoy. This toy also makes a great gift for kids, perfect for themed parties or just for fun. Get ready for hours of joy and laughter with the Elephant Blowing Floating Ball!

Looking for a versatile and efficient way to charge all your devices? Look no further than the Three in One Retractable Charging Cable! This unique phone charger features not only a lightning cable but also a Type C cable and a micro-USB cable, allowing you to charge all your devices simultaneously. With a retractable design and built-in phone stand, this cable is secure and convenient. This retractable charger is perfect for people on the go who want to stay productive.

Experience the thrill of flying with the Goosky Legend S2 Helicopter! This impressive aircraft features dual brushless motors for optimal performance, a streamlined canopy with colorful paint technology, and a retractable quick-release battery structure. This helicopter is equipped with anti-reversion quick-release propeller design and a fastening motor tab connection. Its GTS System Reconstruction of Higher Order Control Algorithms ensures maximum control and precision.

Looking for an easy and fun way to keep your home clean? Look no further than the Microfiber Cleaning House Mop Slippers! These slippers are not only cute but also highly effective at decontamination and water absorption. Simply slip them on and walk around to pick up dust and hair without the need for bending down or kneeling. Plus, they are machine washable and can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks such as mopping floors, washing cars, and cleaning windows.