Does your kids fear of darkness to fall asleep hard? Don’t worry, this little bunny night light drive away darkness for your sweet kids and soothe their sleep at all night, also convenient for parents taking care of baby at night like diaper changing, milk feeding or comfort your kids. Long ears cute rabbit is adorable and attractive with lighting function, rainbow colors satisfy child’s curiosity and can help them calm..

Cute dolphin style bubble machine for kid is super new style. It has 10 holes, more bubbles, look very cool, more colorful, and more fun to play. It will become a unique bubble maker which will attract the surrounding crowds. The Bubble Maker machine is very suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you plan to host a party for your kids or celebrate their birthdays this bubble guns will be the highlight of party..

This Globe Shaped Mini Flying Ball is a unique and awesome toy. It is effortless to activate a flight by turning the orb over after turning on the power switch. Upgraded levitation ensures a smoother flight. With overall features of lightweight and softness, this toy can be grasped and controlled by one hand. Throwing and catching is also simple due to it’s easy to use control. This flying toy is suitable for kids, teenagers and adults.

The vortex coin collector is a fun alternative to a piggy bank as it features a gravity-defying vortex effect, The way this effect works is that by sliding a coin down the roller it will roll around the side of the funnel until it gets to the whole in the middle when it then drops down to the base. The coin will become fascinating to watch as it spins around the VORTEX until finally drops into the coin storage base.

This magic bean rotating cube can keep your fingers busy, help you relieve stress and anxiety, and help you concentrate and relax. It can help children exercise hand-eye coordination and grasping skills, as well as training brain space and logical thinking ability. Developed in combination with the traditional versatility of children, a new type of educational product specially developed for children’s brain development.

This UFO Fingertip Flying Spinner is designed to play indoors as well as outdoors. Turning On this toy is very easy, just shake it a little bit and it start automatically. Different throwing speeds and angles allow different flight paths, tricks and high-speed maneuvers. You can throw it and catch it yourself. This UFO Fingertip Flying Spinner is rechargeable, If you run out of power, You can recharge It and you are good to go.

This Remote Control Car can be controlled by hand gestures that makes it more fun and interesting, and it can be distorted as you want. The deep carve tires protects car from crashing. This RC vehicle comes with a hand gesture controller which you will have wear on your hand and with help of the controller you will be able to move this RC Car forward, backward, turn left / right, turn 360-degree with hand gestures.
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