5 Cool Pocket Gadgets Just For You!

When it comes to cool pocket gadgets, the options can be overwhelming. We’ve all pulled out our phones to check the time, but what if you could do more? We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest pocket gadgets that everyone should have in their pocket.

1 ) Small USB Fan with Real Time Clock and Temperature Display

TASLAR LED Clock USB Fan is a handy fan and easy to carry. It is made of high quality material and it’s very durable. TASLAR LED clock fan can be used as a cooling tool in hot summer or even on your desktop as a decoration.

2 ) Spigen Carabiner Key Ring Clip

Get your hands on a Spigen carabiner key ring and never lose your keys again! It’s designed with a double-spring hinge that holds up to 10kg of weight and also allows you to use it as a bottle opener. The minimalist and sleek design makes this key ring a must-have accessory.

3 ) Handheld Pocket LED Mini Flashlight

This mini flashlight is perfect for those dark rooms or small spaces that need a little extra light. It’s lightweight and fits nicely in your pocket, backpack, or purse. And with just one alkaline battery, it can last for up to two hours.

We all know that smartphone have evolved and have replaced torch but keep one incase of emergency can be very helpful,

4 ) SKYVIK Signi Pro 2 in 1 (Wide+Macro) Clip on Mobile Camera Lens

Improve your smartphone photography with this 2-in-1 macro and wide-angle lens that attaches to your phone and tablet. Take close-up photos of excellent quality. Discover a whole new realm of mobile photography in which everything becomes amazing. You may extend the diameter and altitude of your photographs by 25%.

5 ) Sounce 3.5 mm Jack Splitter

Sounce 3.5mm Jack Splitter is a small, portable and durable tool that can help you share audio from your devices to 2 output devices at the same time. This jack splitter is easy to use and which is designed for people who frequently travel with their family or friends and enjoy music together. You can simultaneously connect 2 headphones, or a headphone and a speaker to your device using the splitter. It works really well!